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Loop Handle Advantages

Loop Handle Advantages


Our lightweight, smooth rolling, floor safe, non-marking book trucks take the struggle out of emptying a book return when it becomes full. Who needs a powered book truck when you can have one that is less expensive and easier to use?

We chose a loop handle for our design for a reason... To make transferring your books from location to the next a breeze.

  • Loop handles stick out further to resists hitting your ankles as you pull the book truck behind you.
  • Loop handles can be folded down to be tight against the side of your book truck. Other book trucks out there have handles that stick out, meaning that those book trucks have to be smaller to allow more room inside of your return. 
  • Our book trucks can be pushed or pulled from either side of the truck when you have the loop handle in the upright position. 

Do we have your attention? Learn more about our different size book trucks here


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